The Company

We do not want to fall into the usual stereotypes of the company that knows more than anyone, who more than anyone has the "long life recipe" with the best coffee in the world ... we were born from a love story, a recognized passion and still alive in our family; that passion that makes man happy when  "he chooses his work and finds fulfillment".


It was said at the time that of our beginning that our coffee was "the vitamin of the spirit" and we have  believed it in some sense, so that for several years has been the slogan on our envelopes and in some occasional advertising; vitamin: "a charge of life."


For our company coffee has really been a vitamin; the opportunity to build opportunities for both the Perifano family, core of the executive organism, and for the rest of company and its partnerships network.


Concretely, we have become aware that it is not important to become "big" at any cost, because it would be pay a very high price, losing sight the true nature of our work: we prefer to be "adults" without necessarily being "big", conquering with our daily commitment, in full transparency and professionalism, small areas of national and international market.


The opportunity that changed the course of our history has been the choice of reconceive ourselves as a family business in an horizontal organized model, eliminating almost all the typical defects of the family productive structures, thereby assuming: critical skills, coordinated management, structured and consolidated decisional levels, listening skills, co-operative research. All our employees and partners actively participate in the life of the company, taking an important and favorably constructive role, in full respect of the rules and roles.


The opportunity that makes us vital and commercially attractive is: the awareness of "not knowing everything", so, be always ready to learn, to know better, to research and experiment. A thought we share every day with all those who approach us and want to be our "friends" in the name of coffee; yes, because it all rotates around coffee, stump from which unfold our personal and professional stories, "seed" from which flourish every day sprouts of friendly and proactive collaboration; "seed" which in most cases produces the desired result in terms of recognition and profit.