Pericaff is a recognized brand with 50 years in the roasting coffee business in Italy. Our story begins with a small shop on the Via Tiburtina, very close to the De Paolis theaters, when Italian cinema was flourishing and the public flooded the halls to see the "Spaghetti Westerns" of Sergio Leone. In this small artisan coffee roasting, the green coffee beans were roasted in the manner of the old cafés of the 1700's, using a wood-burning roaster. A natural product refined through a "natural" process: the wood roasting. Our coffee was sold to the public in bulk, grains or ground, packaged in the characteristic white and brown stripes envelopes. During these years, very close to the street commerce traditions, the small Coffee Shop has grown becoming a solid, proactive and prosperous company, but never missed the direct contact with the consumers and its constant the commitment to maintain a high quality degree in our blends. Nowadays, the brand Pericaff is present with its line of Coffee and integrated services in most of the Italy bars and restaurants.

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